We would like your stay to be good and unforgettable. We would like you to cooperate with us in following the rules of the Park to ensure that the stay of yours and other guests is pleasant and safe. The rules apply to all persons staying in the Park.

1. Bungalowss and rooms are rented for days. Check-in starts at 16:00. Check-out must be completed by 10:00 on the day you leave.
2. It is not possible to extend your stay by several hours. If you would like to extend your stay by another day, please notify our reception desk by 9:30. Your stay will be extended as far as this is possible. All information about booking and stay will be provided by our reception desk staff.
3. To receive a bungalows key, you must check in and pay a fee in accordance with our price list, including additional costs of a car park, local health resort fee, and returnable deposit. We accept payment by card or in cash. Only the deposit will be charged only in cash.
4. You will receive one set of keys to your bungalows/room. We charge a fee of PLN 100 for a lost key.
5. Our bungalows/rooms are designed for a specific number of persons based on a bungalows/room name.
6. Furnishings and terrace furniture must not be taken outside the bungalows area. All damages will be charged in accordance with our price list, which is available at the reception desk.
7. All bungalowss/rooms are fully equipped (bed clothes, kitchen fittings), except for towels.
8. Persons visiting our guests should live the centre by 22:00 at the latest.
9. Night quiet time is from 22:00 to 7:00. It is forbidden to play loud music not to disturb the others. At night, the Park is patrolled by security staff, who take care of peace and check whether the Rules are complied with. If the Rules are violated, they are obliged to intervene. You can notify the security staff of a needed intervention any time.
10. The Centre has the right to refuse to accept a guest if the guest violated the Rules during his/her previous visit.
11. It is forbidden to take animals into the Centre. A penalty for any illegally kept animal is PLN 100 per day.
12. Because of a fire risk, it is forbidden to smoke, use candles, throw bungers or use flammable objects inside the bungalowss/rooms.
13. You must immediately report any breakdown or damage in the bungalows.
14. Bungalows are cleaned at the guest’s request at extra charge.
15. Please, do not litter the Park. There are waste bins in many places in the Park.
16. Parents are requested to take care of their kids, in particular on the beach. The Centre is not liable for kids’ behaviour.
17. The Centre is not liable for lost or stolen belongings of our guests.
18. Cars may be parked only in special places. It is forbidden to park cars in front of the bungalowss/rooms and on access paths. The road must be always passable. It is forbidden to drive scooters and quads.
19. The car park in the Centre is paid, but not guarded. The Centre is not liable for loss of or damage to the guest’s vehicle.

Our employees are always ready to help you. We are looking forward to your cooperation and we wish you nice stay in our Park.